Disability Insurance Scarborough

disability insurance in scarborough
GET INCOME PROTECTION–AFFORDABLE AND EASY-TO-PURCHASE DISABILITY COVERAGE Disability insurance can give you a tax-free monthly income if in case you had a life-changing accident or you’re diagnosed with a serious illness tomorrow. If you’re looking to buy one for you, Duralegacy can be an excellent guide to a wide range of Canadian disability insurance plans. From individual plans to group insurance policies, there are many different plans provided by top insurance companies in Canada. We provide you multiple quotes and help you choose the plan that best suits your life’s situation.

We serve the areas of Scarborough, ON – for years, we have been helping our customers find the perfect disability insurance plans considering their circumstances such as type of work, child’s education, debts and liabilities. Our team of financial advisors will handle everything including the paperwork and also assist with the claims. We’re equipped with the up-to-date insurance market information, knowledge and best practices to help you achieve the financial security you’re looking for.


✓ You get a replacement income for up to 2 years in case you face an injury or illness
✓ The benefits you get from disability insurance are tax-free
✓ You can choose a benefit period which ranges up till the age of 65
✓ It help you pay your bills and other household expenses
✓ It provides you benefits even when you can still work but not in the same capacity
✓ The premiums are affordable (very low for injury-only coverage)
✓ Non-cancellable disability insurance plans make up for your lost income till you get back to work


We, at Duralegacy are committed to provide you the best service at affordable rates. We help you with everything related to disability insurance plans;

* Wemake it easy for you with our automatic policy renewal process. Our advisors will remind you of the policy dates through SMS or email.
* We highly value our clients. At any case, we do not make any modifications without your approval.
* We help you extend your plan term as per your requirement
* If you are unable to afford or you may feel like the policy is not required, you can approach our advisors for terminating it anytime
* We don’t force yourself into a plan. We help you in analysing your needs and choose a plan according to your requirement.

At Duralegacy, we will look at the individual factors in your life and work situation and design the best policy that will ensure that you and your family have enough coverage.