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We are a reliable insurance brokerage firm in Scarborough, ON, devoted to ensuring lives and building legacies for our clients. We are the best you can find when you seek to insure your life and protect your loved ones in the event of a critical illness. We manage investments for individuals who want to secure their resources and build a steady ground for the speculative.

At Duralegacy, we work as a team to identify your individual needs, customize solutions, eliminate worries, and restore peace of mind. We seek to educate, empower, and shield our clients from the dangers of the insurance market. Our risk management program is fine-tuned to cater to the needs of individual clients. We fully understand that each client is unique in their own way, and we have a business model that aids us in fulfilling our roles excellently as is necessary for the benefit of our clients.

Our range of services includes life insurance, Investments, critical illnesses, disability insurance. Investing with us can provide you with greater security; we have our perfect vision to determine your needs quickly. Our team will immediately customize the right solution, thus bringing you a huge leap towards building generations of success and securing your financial future.


We provide affordable, efficient policies with enough cover to secure your interest and meet your needs. We explore a wide range of products and services available on the market and offer you professional advice tailored to your needs.


Concerning life & disability insurance, we have experienced risk managers. We will advise you about the risks you face and how you can manage them. Insurance is a part of the risk management strategy, and we will provide effective risk prevention and loss minimization strategies that will help reduce premium fees.


We help you negotiate settlements with the insurer to get the best result for you. We will employ our independence and access to multiple insurance companies to make you a winner.



Life insurance coverage ensures financial security and protects your loved ones in the event of your passing. It provides a one-time, tax-free payment to pay your costs.


Investments offer financial protection in the event of illness or injury that prevents you from earning an income.

Critical Illness Coverage

Critical illness insurance provides financial protection if you’re diagnosed with life-threatening diseases identified by the insurers. Contact Duralegacy to know more about critical illness insurance

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance provides financial protection if you become disabled from an injury, serious illness, or other life-threatening diseases.


Duralegacy is an insurance brokerage based in scarborough, Ontario, Canada that is based on a vision of insuring lives and building legacies. Our team focuses on taking your worries away, replacing them with peace of mind and happiness. Whether you wish to insure your own life, or protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a critical illness, or managing your investments, our team of expert agents are just a phone call away.