Insurance Brokerage

Insuring Lives. Building Legacies.

Secure your Future.
Protect your Assets.
Build your Legacy!

Insurance Brokerage Toronto

Proven Approach. Proven Results.

Be it life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness coverage or investments, Duralegacy provides tailored financial services and rich, lasting relationships. Whether you wish to insure your own life, or protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a critical illness, or manage your investments, our team of expert agents are just a phone call away.

Delivering Exceptional Value to Individuals, Families and Businesses.

A trusted insurance brokerage in Toronto, ON, Duralegacy is committed to insuring lives and building rich legacies. Each member on our team is determined to identify your individual needs, customize solutions, eliminate worries and replace them with peace of mind and happiness.


Duralegacy is dedicated to educating and empowering its clients. We strive to ensure that our clients are aware of the vast array of products and services available to them and are therefore, able to make informed decisions.


Our team is just a phone call away. Trust us with your insurance needs, and we will help you build legacies.We commit to providing products and services that are catered to each individual Client


At Duralegacy, we focus our efforts on addressing the individual needs of our client, because we understand that each client has his/her own needs and circumstances.

How we can help you?


Life insurance is a comprehensive coverage option that offers support for loved ones in the event of one’s passing.


Protects you in the event of injury or illness preventing you from performing daily activities, including working and earning an income.


Critical illness insurance protects you in the event of major life-threatening diseases as identified by insurers. Contact Duralegacy today for more information.


Investing appropriately can provide you with added security and happiness. We offer a wide variety of RRSPs, RESPs, TFSAs, GICs, and non-registered investments.


Financial Services as Unique as You Are.

Determining Your Needs. Customizing the Right Solution.

Enriching Your Life Through Multiple Touch Points.

Building Generations of Success


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Duralegacy is an insurance brokerage based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that is based on a vision of insuring lives and building legacies. Our team focuses on taking your worries away, replacing them with peace of mind and happiness. Whether you wish to insure your own life, or protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a critical illness, or managing your investments, our team of expert agents are just a phone call away.