Life Insurance Ajax

life insurance in ajax

The Best Investment You Make Today to Secure Your Family’s Future!

Life insurance is not a process anyone would enjoy. But you cannot deny the fact that it is the most crucial part of financial planning. Your life could change anytime, and if you want to ensure financial protection for your loved ones in the event of your death, life insurance is what you need! 

At Duralegacy, we offer a wide range of life insurance options to financially protect your family and help them handle your liabilities in the event of your passing. We serve the region of Ajax, ON, and will be able to shop the insurance market for you. We find you the best life insurance plan – be it short-term or permanent, we provide you the available choices that meet both your coverage needs and budget. Unlike agents, we work with various providers in the city and show you several quotes to see the differences before choosing one.

We find the right coverage for you, at the right price! 

We are a team of financial advisors with strong expertise; we can assess your situation and help guide you towards the plan that perfectly fits your coverage needs. We help you with questions like “how much insurance do I need,” “what type of insurance do I need,” “Can I add to my existing insurance plan,” etc., and everything related to your financial planning for life.

The Top Benefits of Life Insurance 

✓ Life insurance protects the financial well-being of your family and loved ones in the event of your death
✓ It provides a tax-free lump-sum death benefit to your beneficiaries to help cover the expenses
✓ Life insurance can be bundled with other types of coverage so you could get income replacement in situations such as unexpected accident, injury, loss of work, etc.
✓ Life insurance payouts are tax-free, so your beneficiaries do not have to put in any additional costs.
✓ Some life insurance plans have a cash value – a part of your premium is set aside as a market investment, or it accumulates interest

Why Choose Us?

At Duralegacy, we make every step to understand your life’s situation. We provide multiple options to secure your future – Term life insurance, Group life insurance, and Comprehensive life insurance. We are in this industry for long, so you can find you flexible insurance coverage plans that also fit your budget.

Term life insurance provides affordable coverage to meet your temporary needs. The death benefit and payments will be guaranteed for the period you choose, and that will remain throughout the term.

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