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Welcome to Duralegacy insurance brokerage, Mississauga, Ontario. We are an experienced independent insurance brokerage agency representing the interests of our valuable clients. We provide you with the right type of insurance coverage to suit your individual needs. We specialise in life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness coverage or investments, and are dedicated to finding you solutions that best suit you and provide the protection you need.

We work with a wide range of reliable insurance companies and can offer you many opportunities for personal insurance needs, investments, and consultation. For years, more and more individuals in the Mississauga area have relied on our services for disability and life insurance solutions that have helped them manage risks and provide ongoing protection. With a lot of expertise, we have been focusing on complete client satisfaction and insurance plans at the lowest possible cost.

We’re here for you whether you need a simple consultation, an insurance plan, or assistance with a claim. Call us today to schedule an appointment! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Our team of experts has been working in the insurance industry for many years. With strong expertise, we can offer you the right guidance to make the right decisions for your family and loved ones.


We’re committed to taking care of our clients’ insurance needs; we help you find the coverage that best fits your current situation. Whether providing you a quote, guidance or assisting with a claim, our team can offer you the best.


We work with many reliable insurance companies and provide you with a wide range of choices when it comes to insurance or investments. Our team can guide you with the whole process and helps you choose the one that suits you.



Whatever your needs are, we have the best life insurance options for you. Whether it’s short-term or long-term, we can help you with the right life insurance coverage that exactly matches your financial security needs.


Investment plans provide financial security in the event of illness or injury when you’re unable to go to work. Give us a call to learn more.

Critical Illness Coverage

Critical illness insurance coverage provides a lump-sum cash payment that helps pay your costs in times of life-threatening diseases (identified by the insurers). Call us to know more about critical illness insurance.


The right disability insurance plan can protect your income if you become disabled from an injury, serious illness, or other health problems.


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Duralegacy is an insurance brokerage based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada that is based on a vision of insuring lives and building legacies. Our team focuses on taking your worries away, replacing them with peace of mind and happiness. Whether you wish to insure your own life, or protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a critical illness, or managing your investments, our team of expert agents are just a phone call away.